Yahlive Advertising Campaign, Dubai, UAE


Yahlive is a satellite broadcasting company based in Abu Dhabi, beams over 288 channels across the Middle East, North Africa South West Asia, and Europe. As a creative designer and a member of the creative team in Yahlive advertising Campaign and in collaboration with The Works Networks (advertising Media Services Network Co.), my responsibilities encompassed; create branding concept and guidelines, design and develop advertising material for variable usage, print, media, online platform and also the company website theme. These all done in close collaboration with copywriters, photographers and other members of the creative team. The logo demonstrates TV screen form and reflection but at the same time create a still motion of logo animation. The individual colors design a visual code for every region based on the satellite's beam coverage in different geographical location. The tagline and concept design inspired by similar imagery of a shooting star and a satellite when it's placed on the sky "WHERE STARS ARE BORN".


Key points: #concept  design #logo design #corporate Identity #stationery design #brochure and flyer #website design #publishing and social media #branding