A photographical observation in poetry of images and imaginations

2019 - 2020

Fascinated by the philosophy of "seeing" and "spaces" in 2019 I decided to put my images, imaginings, thoughts, exploration and questions into a form of art, and they find their way to a consisting pages of a book. This book is visual poetry, and textual images based on metaphor analogy bring my travel photography of the lands and oceans and my daily captures of the human-made scenes to the context. The photos expose lands and spaces not to achieve the presence of nature or showcase a view but to portray, recognise and celebrate the viewer in any definition; a spectator, an observer, a poet, a creator. Making A Seeing is a book of "seeing" and for "seeing" in the gala of thinking and imagination.

Title:  Making A Seeing


MEDIUM: Photography (photo making)      PUBLISHING DATE: 2021

Making A Seeing 2.jpg