When I make art I don’t think about "art" I think about “us” the human. How we see and how we think —perception is everything. And art doesn't just happen. Making forms from thinking and thinking has an innumerable appearance but one entrance; blindness. Blindness is where thoughts gather and everything illuminate in its darkness. For making I dive into the world of blindness where everything is what they truly are that perhaps is because the darkness is illuminative in its depth. A simplest simulation of that is we see greater, we feel deeper, we smell stronger when our eyes are shut. That is the power of darkness. Don’t be afraid of darkness. In fact, nothing is greater than the darkness inside our own body, perhaps you’ve never thought of that, we carry darkness about with us all the time and that doesn’t frighten us, we learned to live with the darkness inside our skin, we know everything from darkness, just think of that; all senses are a definition of one main sense “touch” and what is touch? Isn’t seeing and knowing in blindness! Have you ever touch with your eyes? have you ever touch with your ears? That is the power of the mind —think, change and live " dangerously safe" from your blindness!

Title:  Dangerously Safe!

Digital Art / Installation

YEAR: 2020 / on going project 


Public Art

YEAR: 2020 / DIFC, Dubai