Don't just talk, see.

Don't just see, feel.

Don't just feel, hear.

Don't just hear, listen.

Don't just listen, ponder and doubt. 

What do you hear?”


HANDS, HEARTS, SKINS, EYES ongoing series is an exploration and reflection on human communication. A metaphorical observation of today's form of connection. ​Today, we are surrounded by words and voices used to call, email, tweet, share, yet, there is the potential for all of us to feel hurt and vulnerable for not being heard as the conceptions of words are lost in literal and virtual realities — untouched and unheard. One of the biggest problems from this century, which we all confront, is the prevalence of noises over voices. The world needs silence. Not on the contrary of words, but to stretch the time for hearing in the gaps of words —feeling and pondering. Words born from silence perhaps can seek their conclusion in silence, to make a passage from silence into the world of communication through re-thinking, remembering and doubt in hearing definition. 

Title:  Blink and Rotate!

Sculpture - physical and digital Installation

MATERIALS:ink, acrylic and typography on plaster     YEAR: 2021  

DIMENSIONS:  90 pieces each 7x 7cm / total installation 180 x 180cm


Title:  Seeing

Sculpture / Installation

MATERIALS: ink, acrylic, typography and plaster and photo     YEAR: 2021  

DIMENSIONS:  DIMENSIONS (H x L x W): 4 pieces sculpture (Each Piece 7x10x10cm) - 4 pieces photography (Each Piece 15x15x2cm)


Title:  When My Eyes Are on You, Do You Touch My Eyes?


MATERIALS: ink on perspex and ready object     YEAR: 2020  

DIMENSIONS (H x L  x W):  15 x 15 x 15 cm