The HANDS, HEARTS, SKINS, EYES series through a metaphorical observation strive to catch the pure communication in the invisible side of language (words). Today, in our new formation of life, we are surrounded by words and voices used to call, email, tweet, share, yet, there is the potential for all of us to feel hurt and vulnerable for not being heard as the conceptions of words are lost in literal and virtual realities— unheard and untouched. My works seek to project the unheard. Words born from silence perhaps can seek their conclusion in silence, to remake a passage from silence into the world of communication —anew hearing definition. Every work of this series is done differently, some are done as a sculpture some are mixed-media drawings as I’m fascinated by the poetic of materials and in the core of my practice material and concept always overlap.

Title:  Blink and Rotate!

Sculpture - Floor-Level Physical And Digital Installation

MATERIALS: Ink, Acrylic And Hand-printed Typography On Plaster     YEAR: 2021  

DIMENSIONS:  90 pieces each 7x 7cm / total installation 180 x 180cm


Blink and Rotate!​ is 180cm by 180cm floor-level sculpture/installation and a digital display based on a research study in neuroscience about the structure and action of the brain. It reflects on the concept of communication in the blinking-blindness state that we all experience. How we perceive and recall — relate and communicate. For the brain to think and remember, it needs to move eyeballs, blink and rotate, and as the eyes stop moving, the brain won't be able to recall while it projects the saved image from our last blink in our blinking-blindness situation in a way that we barely even notice ourselves. We spend a high percentage of our life with our eyes closed when the light is shut off from the eyeball. Blink and Rotate metaphorically approach the core of this concept and bring that to the narration of consciousness in the blindness of words and gaps what do we see, what do we hear, what do we know! The installation is 90 pieces of the eyeballs in a still-motion of blinking and rotating movement. When viewers walk along with the work the action of blinking feels in the stillness of the pieces while the video project the same action in a digital format. The number of pieces (90) comes from a kind of numerical relationship of 28,800 (8+8=16+2=18 / 1+8+0+0=90) times that the average person blinks a day. 


Title:  Seeing

Sculpture  and Video Installation

MATERIALS: ink, acrylic, typography and plaster and photo   YEAR: 2021  

DIMENSIONS:  (H x L x W): 5 pieces sculpture (Each Piece 9x10x10cm) - photo loop  video installation 


Title:  When My Eyes Are on You, Do You Touch My Eyes?


MATERIALS: ink on perspex and ready object     YEAR: 2020  

DIMENSIONS (H x L  x W):  15 x 15 x 15 cm