Title: Blinking-Blindness

Sculpture - Floor-Level Physical And Digital Installation

MATERIALS: Ink, Acrylic And Hand-printed Typography On Plaster

DIMENSIONS: 90 pieces each 7x 7cm / total installation 180 x 180cm

YEAR: 2021



180cm by 180cm floor-level physical and digital installation Blinking-Blindness is a metaphorical approach to the blinking-blindness situation in the human brain and pattern that to the concept of subconscious communication through words hypothesis rather than consciousness —reality versus actuality.

A study on human brain structure and function reveals we (human) spend a high percentage of our life with our eyes closed in the blinking process and blinking and rotating eyeball has a close relation to thinking and recalling operation in our brain. When the light is off from our eyes, in the moment of darkness, our brain projects the saved image from our last blink to our blinking-blindness situation creating the illusional belief of seeing without exception —we barely even notice our blindness.

Practice the fact of the illusion of words' definitions in communication 90 pieces of the eyeballs embody the blinking action. The number of objects (90) comes from a numerical association of times an average person blinks in a day.



Today, we surrounded by words and voices, yet, there is the potential for all of us to feel hurt and vulnerable for not being heard as the conceptions of words could lose in virtual and literal realities— unheard and untouched. The HANDS, HEARTS, SKINS, EYES- series, through metaphorical observation and poetical approaches, strive to understand this invisible side of language (words) referencing the human mind and body.