The HANDS, HEARTS, SKINS, EYES series through a metaphorical observation strive to catch the pure communication in the invisible side of language (words). Today, in our new formation of life, we are surrounded by words and voices used to call, email, tweet, share, yet, there is the potential for all of us to feel hurt and vulnerable for not being heard as the conceptions of words are lost in literal and virtual realities— unheard and untouched. My works seek to project the unheard. Words born from silence perhaps can seek their conclusion in silence, to remake a passage from silence into the world of communication —anew hearing definition. Every work of this series is done differently, some are done as a sculpture some are mixed-media drawings as I’m fascinated by the poetic of materials and in the core of my practice material and concept always overlap.

Title:  All Inside

Wall relief sculpture 

MATERIALS: Wood, acrylic, plaster, resin, hand-printed typography, clay and ink.           YEAR: 2021 -22 

  DIMENSIONS (H x L x W): 63 X 63 X 8 cm    

All In Us

Title:  The geometry of words


MATERIALS: Wood, acrylic, plaster, hand-printed typography, ink and acrylic            YEAR: 2021   

  DIMENSIONS (H x W x L): 125 x 40 x 40 cm

Geometry of Words

Title:  All Around Us

Wall relief sculpture 

MATERIALS: Wood, acrylic, plaster, hand-printed typography, clay and ink.           YEAR: 2021   

  DIMENSIONS (H x L x W): 80 X 80 X 8 cm


a wall relief sculpture titled all around us reflects on the other aspects of words — the after-words state. the power of words and to what would be left. the piece contemplates the words (language) as powerful, useful, yet a dangerous tool of everyday life. all around us frames a minimal narration between feelings and the words while depicting the almost inseparable situations of these aspects. this work is [from] hands, hearts, skins, eyes [series]. 

IMG_2464 copy.jpg

Title:  Lonely In Places That Didn't Even Know Would Exist.

Sculpture / Installation

MATERIALS: plaster, canvas, ink and handprint on perspex      YEAR: 2020   

  FULL DIMENSIONS (H x L x W):  120 x 120 x 15 cm (52 pieces)


Title: We Are Poem, Waiting to Be Read

Sculpture / Installation

MATERIALS: ink on perspex     YEAR: 2020  

OVERALL DIMENSIONS (H x L  x W): 120 x 30 x 2 cm (25 pieces 10x10 x2 cm)