Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson is an Iranian Dubai based multidisciplinary visual artist and art educator awarded an MA in Fine Arts with distinction (2020) from the UK and holds BA in Graphic Design from Tehran. Her works focus on our human existence concerning problematic social and individual subjects in communication. She is fascinated by the invention of forms and the formation of materials in the process of understanding and representing actuality versus reality. Her works included but are not limited to mixed-media sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography and digital art. Mozhdeh's first exhibition was in a biennale in 2014 in Paris and since, she has exhibited, nominated, featured, and participated in several international art shows, events, contests and awards.


"From a theoretical, autobiographical and phenomenological map, my practice is a try to reach us within us. When I make art, I don't think about art. I think about us—humans. How we see and how we think. Perception is everything and that forms in interrogation, recollections and contemplation in the most ordinaries. I feel art is my shortcut for the closeness of thinking by making, aims and hopes to create visual reflections for feeling and change. After all, art has always been made from change and for change. Art is a verb!"

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Born in Tehran, Iran 

Live in Dubai

Studied in the UK


Completed three years of postgraduate master's degree in Fine Arts with distinction from UCA (University for Creative Arts), 2020 - MFA

Graduated as a Graphic Designer from Soore Art University of Tehran, Iran in 2001- BA

Complete four years of Visual Arts and Architecture at the School of Arts, Tehran, Iran, 1997


Finalist Artist, Rove Art Prize — Dubai, UAE 2020

Featured Artist, Al Tamimi Group international digital publication —Dubai 2020

Artist nominee, Emerging Artist Award —Dubai, UAE 2020

Finalist artist, ART EXPO New York Contest —France 2019

Selected artist for digital installation at DIFC by Emerging Artist Award— Dubai, UAE 2018

Finalist artist, CFA Artist of the Year Award  —France 2018

Artist of the Week by Emerging Scene —Dubai, UAE 2018 

Shortlisted Artist, 4th International Artist Awards —Dubai, UAE 2016

Member of artists' Committee at International Award of Contemporary Art "ARTPROTAGONIST" —Italy 2015

Featured artist, Next Step Biennale —Paris, France  2014

Winer designer of Creative Design Contest —Tehran, Iran 2001


Solo Exhibition - Total Art— Dubai, UAE  2021

Made in Tashkeel - The 11th edition— Dubai, UAE  2021

Featured Artist - World Art Dubai— Dubai, UAE  2021

Digital Installation at DIFC Art Nights — Dubai, UAE  2020

Nominee Artists Show, World Art Dubai— Dubai, UAE 2020

Group show, No-Show Exhibition, UK, 2020

Group show, Total Art Gallery, Quoz Arts Fest — Dubai, UAE 2019

Installation at DIFC Art Nights — Dubai, UAE  2019

Digital installation at DIFC — Dubai, UAE 2018

Solo show at Dubai Art Fair, World Art Dubai— Dubai, UAE 2015

​Group show, Art Plus Gallery —Dubai, UAE  2015

Featured Artist - Next Step Biennale —Paris, France  2014

Group show, Art Plus Gallery — Dubai, UAE  2014


Making A Seeing ebook ( a photographic observation in the poetry of images and imaginations) — 2020 -21

Essay Untouched: Unheard - Hands, Eyes, Hearts, Skins (research study in language memory, human connection and communication in the philosophy of Border)  — 2020

Essay Change of Change (research study in the phenomenology of Change based on Time and Memory) — 2019

Essay Between Two Walls (research study in Memories of Forgotten Memories from science to art) — 2018


Exhibition Catalog, Made in Tashkeel - The 11th edition— Dubai, UAE — 2021

Photo eBook, Making A Seeing  — 2021

Exhibition Catalog, World Art Dubai, Dubai-UAE — 2021

Exhibition Catalog, NO-SHOW, UK — 2020

Law Update Magazine, DIFC-UAE  —  2020

The Best of 2016, International Emerging Artist Awards book — 2016

Exhibition Catalog, World Art Dubai, Dubai-UAE — 2015

Exhibition Catalog, Next Step, France-Paris  — 2014

Exhibition Catalog, 2014, Window I, Dubai-UAE — 2014

Exhibition Catalog, 2014, Art Plus, Dubai-UAE — 2014


Member of Tashkeel Studio — Dubai, UAE 2021

Art Educator, Dubai, 2014 - Current

Art Director at AUDIO UAE, Dubai, 2020 - Current

Creative Manager at Cooper Searle, London, UK, 2017 - 2020

Fine Arts Educator at Soul Art Center, Dubai, UAE, 2016 - 2017

Creative designer for Yahlive advertising Campaign, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2013 -2014

Art Director and Studio Manager at Provision Media, Dubai, UAE in 2011- 2013

Graphic Designer and Brand Coordinator at AVA, Dubai, UAE 2007 - 2009

Co-Founder and Designer at Line and Design House, Tehran, Iran 2002 - 2006

Designer and illustrator for Institute of the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Annual Children's Book Festival —Tehran, Iran 2002 

Art Teacher - Elementary school, Tehran, Iran, 2001- 2002​